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Contact: Daniel Hubbard, 916.206.9190 cell
One Vision Productions, LLC
316 California Ave Suite #216
Reno, NV 89509 USA

After giving Nevada its biggest Hip Hop Music Festival ever at the LAWLOR EVENTS CENTER in 2009 and selling out Northern Nevada’s hottest new venue, THE KNITTING FACTORY, earlier this Spring… SPEAK YOUR MIND is back!

SPEAK YOUR MIND HIP HOP ART FESTIVAL returns on July 18, 2010 with a seven Hour Show featuring over 25 Performances: Artists, Dancers, DJ’s, a Vendor Village and more. This free event will take place outside in downtown Reno at WINGFIELD PARK starting at 3pm and lasting until 10pm. Don’t miss a full day of art exhibitions and presentations from Reno’s experienced independent Hip Hop locals and Reno’s new breed of upcoming talent, as well as, artists from around the world.

ESTIMATE AGES: All Ages, majority 16-30
DATE OF SHOW: Sunday July 18th 2010
CITY, STATE: Downtown Reno, Nevada
EVENT LOCATION: Wingfield Park & West Street Plaza
EVENT TYPE: Conscious Hip Hop Art Festival
AGES: All Ages

SPEAK YOUR MIND is a Hip Hop oriented art festival designed to raise positive community awareness and personal knowledge. SPEAK YOUR MIND will not only raise money for a good cause but it will bring the community together and use popular music as a tool to teach. All the artists included in this event are informative, educated, independently successful, community orientated and display strong ideas in their lyrics. SPEAK YOUR MIND 2010 will raise money for the HOLLAND PROJECT and is an official event of RENO ARTOWN.

HOLLAND PROJECT: Art, music, culture. By young people, for young people. HOLLAND PROJECT is an all-ages arts and music initiative in the Truckee Meadows aiming to provide art access, music access, diverse workshop opportunities and community activism. SPEAK YOUR MIND 2010 is proud to support their goals.

ARTOWN: Reno is hosting the 15th annual ARTOWN festival in July 2010. The month-long summer arts festival features more than 400 events produced by more than 100 cultural organizations and businesses in locations citywide, with major funding provided by the City of Reno. SPEAK YOUR MIND 2010 is honored to be a part of this year’s festival.

PERFORMANCES BY: C Rayz Walz (Bronx, NY), Afro Classics (Living Legends), Sleep (Portland, OR), Louis Logic (Brooklyn, NY), Bash Bros (Bay Area, CA), Himself (Los Angeles, CA), The Apprentice, Rameses, Black Rock City Allstars, Metaphysical, Last Minute, Tree Woodz, Yours Truly, Mic-Rob, Westyle Virus, Spoken Views, trevercrow, Wordplay, Guilty One, J1Three, Smoke, Knowledge, The Halve Two, Ree_Set:One, Scarz of Marz, Winston Savage, KoalaT, Toc Roc & more

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live concert at
211 North Virginia Street in Reno, NV
Thursday April 29th
All Ages / Doors 6:30pm / Show 7:30pm


Hosted by:
Live Art by:
One the Tables


Get Free Advance tickets from each performer, by e-mailing or by going to

(775) 331-8554

Beach Hut Deli
(775) 747-SURF
6160 Mae Anne Dr. (Reno)

Java Jungle
(775) 329-4484

$6 Door Donated to the Holland Project


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Speak Your Mind - Knitting Factory (2/18)

The Speak Your MInd Concert Series 2010 - Knitting Factory
Daniel Hubbard presents Speak Your Mind 2010, a series of local Hip Hop acts leading up to SPEAK YOUR MIND this summer. Show #1, performed at the Knitting Factory in downtown Reno, NV; featured a full line-up of some of the most talented Hip Hop acts from around the area.

Featuring: Tree Woodz, Black Rock City Allstars, Scarz Of Marz, The Apprentice, Spoken Views, & Wordplay

Hosted By: Bamboo (9to5)

Live Art By: Hayden Lyle, Mike Lucido, & Pat Ortiz

On The Tables: Dj Buddha, Dj Dotkom (The Bombshelter), & DJ Desiree

The series will host 3 to 4 showcases leading up to the main event - SPEAK YOUR MIND

Shot/Edit By: Chase McMullen
Precision Productions LLC


Reno Skateboarding

Speacial Thanks: Daniel Hubbard, Knitting Factory (Dean), Precision Productions LLC, NIgel Siri, Donovan Giudici, Robert Landers, Jamie Kingham, Humble Ink, The Beach Hut Deli,, Reno Tahoe Tonight, Events Only Mag, Oliver X, George Vargas, Travis Prange, Joel Wilkins, DJ Dotkom, & Scarz of Marz

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FREE Speak Your Mind Mixx CDs

Speak Your Mind Mixx CD
37 Tracks
77 Minutes
*tracks from all the artists on the show*
100% FREE

Download Here:

Or Pick Up Your FREE Copy Today While Supplies Last at:
Lawlor Box Office 
 (775) 784-4444
 / 1500 N. Virginia St. (Reno)

Beach Hut Deli (775) 747-SURF / 6160 Mae Anne Drive (Reno) 

VIPS Clothing (775) 329-8477 / 1092 S Virginia St # A (Reno)

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LUCKYIAM / LIVING LEGENDS "Legendary Music Volume 2" FULL CD




SYM Artist Profile #15 *** LUCKYIAM ***


He is known as PSC, Luckyiam, Lucky or Cool Man number 1!!! In the early 90's Lucky studied the art of dope Left Coast hip hop at the Goodlife Cafe among Heavyweights Freestyle Fellowship & countless others. Wanting to create his own style and identity in hip hop, he headed north to the bay area shortly after the infamous L.A. Riots and joined The Mystik Journeymen with Sunspot Jonz. The Journeymen took the the bay area underground scene by storm and continued to take the underground street tape hustle they invented worldwide. Luckyiam.psc is the co-founder of Living Legends crew and he is a cosistant solo artist as well

How did you come up with the name, Luckyiam.PSC?
My first rap name was PSC. It meant Pushing Self Consciousness or Porn Star Creator but in 97 I was in England with LLcrew, J5 and the Invisible Skratch Piklz. Also some old school cats as well, like Grand Master Caz & Special K.. It was a b-boy festival so there was probably 99.9% dudes there! I came up on a sexy lil momma from Hong Kong (it used to be run by the British) and Special K was like "daaamn man, you Lucky..from now on I'm gonna call you Lucky"! I was like "hmmm, ok Lucky I am".

What is "Intelligent hip hop you could dance to. (if you could dance)?"
That is the definition of the music my crew makes. I does not mean intelligent in the super scientifical sense. It means highly skilled writers & poets making music that is bumping plus knocking and saying raps that might fly over the head of a extremely ignorant individual. At the same time though, when played at high volume could cause a hood rat to dance.

You have a wide amount of influences in your music, do you think it opens yourself to make music that hasn't been made "Hip-Hop" before?
Of course it does. It makes you a bit less afraid to climb outta the box a lot Hip-Hop purist wanna trap you in. You tend to push ye old envelope a bit more. ie. Andre 3000

What is
That is the Living Legends crew website address. You get bio's, videos, pics, show information, a messge board open for kids to tell us they love us or they like our old shit better. And much more.

Are you trying to stay Indie, or is the Major Label route the way you're looking?
We are trying to stay busy & relevant, and happy making music and handling music business. I wouldn't say we are looking for a major deal but we would be open for a good deal. Like a dump truck full of money and creative control...shit, we would sign today.

You have a long list a collaborations, who do you work with you feel you work best?
I like the songs we have made with Pep Love of Hiero(to me he is our long lost group member) and I like making music that involves Madlib.. hopefully there will be a Legends album produced entirely produced by him in the near future(fingers crossed).

I see on your page you have shows coming up, what can people expect from your shows?
High energy, we actually move around when we rap! Fun.. stage presence, great rapping ability, lots of affordable merchandise to purchage at a low, only at the concert prices. Also Girls have the chance for after hours extra credit.

You've toured all around the world, what's the best and worst experience? Ever boo'ed off the stage.
Have not been boo'ed off of a stage anywhere on earth. But one time I was off on some shrooms during a show in Japan and I threw up at the back of the stage during the show, then I wiped my mouth and continued rapping. What's the best experiance? I dunno, there are so many... One time after a show in Sydney, Australia I went out to a club with a dj from out there and met a beautiful Colombian girl who I almost married.

What you think of the internet and music?
It's wonderful, people get to find out if albums are full of shit before they get fooled into buying them because of a hot single or big promotion. ALSO people without huge promotional bucks can build decent internet followings. And without the internet and music this interview would not exisist.

You think of MySpace's Music promotion(MySpace featured you)?
I have nothing but LOVE for Myspace. Rosyln has our back over there. Living Legends was featured as well. I LOVE HER!!! Myspace music is dope BUT it has opened the flood gates for a lot of shitty music! All these fools constantly saying/posting, yo check out page and blah,blah,blah... you rarely discover a gem like that.. Honestly I have only heard one good artist on MySpace that I have not heard of before.. But I know a lot of music. When I got my feature I had people writing me expressing that they just found me so it's all good. I's a new era "the good Myspace music scenesters" vs. "the wanna-be myspace musicians!" protect your ears people.

Thanks man for the interview, anything you like to say before we part?
LuckyIamPSC @ peace,


Got tricked by the smoke and the screen it seems
Hollywood ain't really all that it seems
With my team at the El Rey and y'all know how we play
A show with the fellowship we ripped and skipped
To the Hyatt minus the dips
We on a road trip over all the bullshit
Glamour and the glitz
I wish we never had to go through what happened next
But history repeats itself
And I've been used to getting dissed
If wishes ever come true, this is one I entertained
Mr. BDP requested meeting of the gang (double L)
Over to the office we proceeded
Hype and curious about what he needed
Greeted by pounds and hugs major love
Next came the pitch on how we supposed to sign up
"Get under the wing" Rap City/MTV
All them things that momma and my sister want to see for me
Next scene performing at a club
For the label that he runs
We supposed to sign up
Put us up in the Holiday Inn on Highland
We do the show everybody drunk and smiling
Leak out the info that we ‘bout to sign it
But little did we know that the Blastmaster's lying
Another chapter in this book called the Legends
Everything ain't never what it seems and that's forever

Now if it's cool in moderation
I found a way to pace it
I made it more acceptable my life and I ace it
I'm faded on occasion an abrasion to the clean cut
Blend it with my normal way of life and now I seem stuck
Even when I'm not blue I'm focused and I thank you
For opening that part of my brain I couldn't break through
Even though it's illegal while consuming
I participate in dangerous activities I'm dooming
My future longevity heavenly prospect
I think I have a good heart, I'd say I had a late start
People in my family have fallen to addiction
It's a mission uncontrollable you can't take the friction

P to the S to the C
By request to be fresh equals how I rap on sequence
With 16 bar verses and very little curses
And an aptitude for chorus that makes me quite important
At your service
I'm ready, kinda nervous but I'm ready
But first I gotta please me and I've mastered that believe me
It's easy!
5 finger romance with the mic hand
Stand back, I'll bust in your in face cuz I planned that
I ban rap artists who consider they selves the hardest
Regardless of the make up I always slice the cake up
Ya edible, icing, enticing to my eyesight
But everything that glitters ain't gold, you best to come tight

SYM Artist Profile #14 *** PEP LOVE ***


Born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi, Pep Love relocated with his family to Oakland, California as a teenager. In Oakland, he partnered with fellow DJ/producer Jay-Biz to create the group, The Prose. The Prose was later incorporated into the underground hip hop collective, the Hieroglyphics, in 1995. Pep Love is a practictioner of Capoeira martial arts, and is also a vegan. Pep Love made his recording debut on Casual's 1993 release, Fear Itself. The Prose released their debut album, The Shamen, in 1993. The album featured appearances from Hiero members, Del tha Funkee Homosapien and Casual. Pep Love released his solo debut album, Ascension in 2001 and Ascension Side C in 2003, through the Hieroglpyphics' self-owned, independent label, Hieroglyphics Imperium Recordings. He also contributed significantly to both of the Hieroglyphics' studio albums, 3rd Eye Vision in 1998, and Full Circle in 2003.

Dear T.A.M.I., my heart bleeds for you
Words on a page, my calm and my rage
Beauty that's undescribed, we coincide in one vibe
Given the rhythm that makes me come alive
And I, been thinkin about this for awhile
When I mention my love for you, feelin like a child inside
Fortified by the image of your face
See she's the one that sat a nigga down and laced me
I remember you, as a little girl
Daddy was gone, had never been in your world
Mother was strugglin, three jobs jugglin
You seemed oblivious, like it wasn't nothin
T.A.M.I. shine with the brilliance
Bounce with resilience
Work with the cards that you dealt with
Life was hard, and I was too young to see
You had a crush on me, that was dumb to me
I just wanted to run the streets
Holla at the ho's, drink fo' oh's
But when I take a moment and think
I sink into the ink and begin imaginin
Her strength and how it's makin me weak
I never thought I would've thought it was me
But when I, close my eyes and get a vision of love
She's all that I see
Ghetto diamond, free from confinement
Sparks in my mind lit flames in my heart, the part that is

T.A.M.I., the only one that understand me
(All for you, it's really all for you)
Days and nights I count away, she remind me
(All for you, it's really all for you)
Of dreams and things my inspiration brings into a world so crazy
(All for you, it's really all for you)

I look in your eyes and see a woman risin
All the guys been, tryin ta get between ya thighs
And true lies they tell, what your innocence hides
They never would've never guessed, you were so wise
I feel blessed to be able to see the part of you that's more special
I remember the stress, you passed the test
Plus you never needed to fuss through the strife and toil
You taught me how to keep my head high, now my life is yours
And I apologize for the things I did to cause you pain
I SPEAK not these words in vain, my days and nights
Are spent tryin ta put my name in lights
Convinced mommy raised me right
It only makes sense that you would be the one for me
I know you been with others but you savin some for me
You ain't mine, I would never try to contain you
Let you shine, and with this I put it all on the line
I find that it's

At night we take flight
On into the morning to the day's first light
We blaze the purple haze, count the ways
The world rotates and stays crazy
But never faze me, we travel the maze
Gaze at the stars, lust and expensive cars
Material dreams, results of extensive scars
Nobody, knows but you when the doors are closed
My wars unfold, and few these stories told

Dear T.A.M.I., my heart bleeds for you
Words on a page, my calm and my rage
Beauty that's undescribed, we coincide in one vibe
Given the rhythm that makes me come alive
And I, been thinkin about this for awhile
When I mention my love for you, feelin like a child inside
Fortified by the image of your face
See she's the one that sat a nigga down and laced me
I remember you, as a little girl
Daddy was gone, had never been in your world
Mother was strugglin, three jobs jugglin
You seemed oblivious, like it wasn't nothin
T.A.M.I. shine with the brilliance
Bounce with resilience
Work with the cards that you dealt with
Life was hard, and I was too young to see
You had a crush on me, that was dumb to me
I just wanted to run the streets
Holla at the ho's, drink fo' oh's
But when I take a moment and think
I sink into the ink and begin imaginin
Her strength and how it's makin me weak
I never thought I would've thought it was me
But when I, shut my eyes and get a vision of love
She's all that I see
Ghetto diamond, free from confinement
Sparks in my mind lit flames in my heart, the part that is

Pacific Heights
We take flight to live it like never before
The sun sets to settle the score
From whence it came but no longer the same, see
We reflect the cause and effect of change

Pacific Heights
Highlights of livin in the west
Are some of the sights that leave you breathless
My life reflects this
Every day I wake up for breakfast
The feelin I'm feelin is the nexus
Blue skies and big shit on the horizon
Game recognize game, advise to lames
Economy thriving, cheddar to make
Better the stakes is high but not higher than I've been
Up in Northern Cali the ??humble?? county experience is bomb
And you'll know what to do when fo' twenty hits
The water is freezing but the tide
Brings the cool ocean breeze when it's hot outside
We got mountainous terrain, valleys and hot springs
A beauty that's boundless
Cali contains the city of angels, it's big and bold
LA is the real deal but all that glitters is not gold
And yo, we got some real hard hitters up in Frisco
We got some real hard hitters in the East O
We got some real hard hitters in ??Vallayo??
We got some real hard hitters in the bay, yo
Street veterans and defiant giants
Cowboys are us, kickin up dust in riots
Plus when we get busy we be ready to bust the revolution
And get it on like Hughey P. Newton
South Central and Watts rebellions
Speakin of off the hook, we wrote the book
You can tell when you party with us
You don't want to start it with us
You might get touched with an adrenaline rush

And now we travel down highway 101, the scenic route
Perceiving the beautiful things that you might dream about
When you think of California, the landscape will perform for ya
Visions will take shape, I'm warnin ya
Livin here's addictive, and it shakes 7.7 on the Richter
Earthquakes and for heaven's sakes it takes
A pioneering spirit to face the West
Finesse, pride and grace wouldn't hurt a bit
Show me something immortal, we'll murder it
Show me something dead, we'll it to life and further it
On it's path, and you don't even know the half
We innovative natives and the way that we live's fast, life
That's right, sunset trippin and get caught slippin at night
You might fall victim to one of these wannabe G's
That run the streets, defined by
Living with their Third Eyes blind, why
California penal facilities exist to get
Bigger and bigger so the crime persist
And it don't stop or cease, it only increase
Fuck the cops, this hip hop shit controls the streets
Of the Golden State, I'm a proud resident
And when I'm old and gray, I'ma still represent this
Coast line, and toast the ??napper?? valley grind
It's some of the finest, and gets better with time

Uh, uh
Beautiful women and unlimited fun
From Mexico, all the way to Oregon
And it don't stop until we see, B.C.
Canada bud is plentiful, but it ain't easy
To get across the border and it'll cost you more than a little
If you've ever been caught doing any criminal
Activity in the States, Seattle got ganja too
So if you can't pay then stay
And kick it up in Washington
Where the mushrooms grow in the morning dew
And I'm watching from a bird's eye view
Up in the Sky Needle having dinner with a winner
Feeling fly like freedom
Enhanced, by the ???? in my system
Advance, by what I know I hear when I listen
Enchanted wisdom, of the land
And the West Coast is host to the everlasting plan

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SYM Artist Profile #13 *** SAGE FRANCIS ***


Born Paul Francis in 1977 in Miami, FL, Sage Francis spent most of his youth in Providence, RI. Interested in the poetic side of rap, Francis has been rhyming since age eight, later winning the Superbowl Battle in Boston in 1999 and the Scribble Jam in Cincinnati in 2000 and 2001 (the last under the name of his "metal" alter ego, Xaul Zan). After graduating from Dean College in Massachusetts with an A.A. in communications and from the University of Rhode Island-Kingston with a B.A. in journalism (where he started the now-defunct group Art Official Intelligence), Francis worked on releasing his solo records. Always an outspoken and political rapper and a strict vegetarian, he started the Sick Of series in 2000 on his independent Strange Famous Records with Still Sick...Urine Trouble, and continued with Sick of Waiting Tables (2001), Sick of Waging War (from 2002, and containing the single "Makeshift Patriot," recorded exactly one month after the September 11 attacks on New York), and Sickly Business (2004). He also released one album on Anticon in 2002, Personal Journals, and was signed in 2004 as the first rap artist on Epitaph Records, which issued his highly anticipated A Healthy Distrust in 2005. Two years later he was working with composer/trumpeter Mark Isham on the soundtrack for Pride and Glory starring Edward Norton. Two tracks from these session ended up on Francis' own 2007 full-length, Human the Death Dance. Sage Francis is one half of the Non-Prophets (Joe Beats is the producer and DJ), who first recorded the 12" Drop Bass/Bounce/I Keep Calling on their friend's Emerge Records in 1999. A full-length album on Lax Records, Hope, came out in 2004. Marisa Brown, All Music Guide

When I first got into magic it was an underground phenomenon
Now everybody's like pick a card, any card
If I shot my full load with the first hand I played
I'd be a monkey in a box
Hangin' with the David Blaines
I'd be swimming with the sharks
Smiles full of razor blades
But I'm not
I got outta that game
Escape Artist
I talked till I'm red in my face
With strange califs
I rocked till I'm outta my range
Then raised octaves
I played through the pain
And remained conscious
Refraining from commenting on the lame compliments
And the petty criticisms from those who ain't accomplished
Even one-fifths of some of this shit
I made progress with
I'm leavin' naysayers stumped like rain forests
After years of pullin' rabbit ears out my pants pockets
I'm not revealing any tricks of the trade
Its just there ain't no magic in the break down baby

In an effort to make them more secret I find in my life I decided to give them a look
Now I'm givin' them a glimpse and I guess I'm sittin' in the middle of an unread book
Letters are falling apart but the sentencess end and run of the wording is permanent
Never been missed
Suckers been missed
What did you miss
Interpreted is
Funny I'm serving the sentence of solitary confinement
Results in a death sentence and still I'm a running assignment
I'm just wondering where my time went
It pulled a disappearing act
And every single assistant I ever had got stored in half

Cause see I never payed attention but I can't afford to laugh (word?)
Cause I'm lookin' through my book
And an autograph from my cats (Ok)
And I'm short on staff
So all I ask is volunteers from the crowd
Show a little bit of audience participation now!
When I say hip (what do I say)
You, you say shut the fuck up we ain't sayin' shit
And I'll respect it (yes!)
Check it
In a flair for the dramatic exit
A fashoinable entrance late to my own arraignment
(Oh) The self-destructive things that I do for entertainment
My folks gave me this art
You're broken heart is my pallet
While I was out honin' my craft
You were disownin' your talent
Cause while you still live at home
And I bought this house off my parents (uhh)
I'm gettin' ahead of myself (I'm gettin' ahead of myself)
I see the hair on my back (I see the hair on my back)
I'm On the Road reading Kerouac
His poems versus better raps
I think to myself (I think to myself)
What's worth remembering
Versus defending
The size of my manhood
Or confessional canned goods

In an effort to make them more secret I find in my life I decided to give them a look
Now I'm givin' them a glimpse and I guess I'm sittin' in the middle of an unread book
Letters are falling apart but the sentencess end and run of the wording is permanent
Never been missed
Suckers been missed
What did you miss
Interpreted is
But none of this is gettin' told in confidence I reckon
I spin confidential records just to hold the listeners attention

I'm a veteran of spacial relationships
I clip your wings to fit you in
Headshrinking magician
Shapeshifting reptilian
Turned body contortionist
Orphanages started offering tortures to abortion clinics (abortion clinics)
I lost aquantances
And a morgue of lady friends
I gender bent the heaven sent angelic devil boy
Good Gods adrogenous
I'm lookin' marvelous
But looks can kill
And they're unsure about my sexual orientation still
Put me in a special kind of case that only breaks if
You hit it with a bouqet of flowers and baby breath arrangement
The vault is vacant
And they're all looking for phone call blame
I called my agent
The moment that I caught the train
I let him know that I'm goin' nowhere
He's invited
If he leaves tonight then he might just help me find it
But this is my burden to bear
Not his
And I'm a psychic without a sidekick
Holding the future hostage
A loose cannon standing on the rooftop with
A new respect and understanding of bartenders and locksmiths
They call me daredevil
But I'm not precise enough
On an amature level
I love my life too much

Escape Artist
I'm in two places at once
Escape Artist
But I ain't slept in months
Escape Artist
Just tryin' to get away
But there ain't no magic in the breakdown baby

Ain't no magic in the breakdown baby
No magic in the break

I was sweet on her
She was sweet on Jesus
We slept with a blanket barrier between us
Master of her craft, I had her laughin like hyenas
When I asked her if she'd marry an elitist
Staggering genius in lace
With the grace of a drunken monk
The mask isn't seamless cause her face says something's up
But I don't dare ask her I just listen
Switchin to my good ear and adjusting my position
As she discusses Ginsberg I listened and learned
As she dispersed his words I just resisted the urge to do like he would
Whatever he wanted, if she allowed me to
She dangled that carrot then asked me:
"What would Bukowski do?"
Oh don't go there
He'd make you his mom and then completely lie about it in a book later on

Spirits were lifted when she whispered something French in my ear
Tension was there
When I responded in English it sounded less sincere
The sex in the air couldn't be left alone
So welcome to the Terrordome
A bedroom full of pheromones
Where nothing that we say is set in stone
If I thought it was for posterity I'd already be writing better poems
But I'm talking in extremes
Best this and best that
Best not regret anything that ever gets said to this hell cat
Creepin on all fours
Ready for combat
With secretive wars sneaking her claws in our contract
Bending every which way but loose with no proof that anything that we've suggested to this day is the whole truth

I heard her chemical romance was a medical slowdance
Said my advance was sexual
Held my genitals with cold hands
Set up the Coke cans
Broke out the Red Ryder
Then one by one I tried to knock down everything that's dead inside her
She used to treat street dividers like a balance beam
Arms spread wider than the legs in her dad's magazine
Re-enacting the pages that she got trapped between
I used it for kindling and then spilled the gasoline
Now I'm your water boy
I fetch it from your cheeks just like tennis balls
Smell the stench of your weakness on the bedroom walls
Somebody careless let em vaporize
"Who let these fall to the floor from your poor vacant eyes?"
This ain't a great first impression
But I work better on pages, they say words are my profession
Let me spell it out in simple language
Plain English
I want your suicide to be a book of mine that I never finish

SYM Artist Profile #12 *** TREE WOODZ ***


Tree Woodz ‘s music resembles a natures reserve filled with music's most influential urban legends. An encouraging and stimulating group that brings more than nonsense and noise to Hip-Hop's tainted orbit. Encouraging change and demanding individual empowerment from his urban people and others more distant. Tree Woodz provides music in its original form ,pure, inspiring and educative. He avoids demanding more than what is necessary which is justice and perception. Hip-Hop is a vessel that can be used for good. Music has the ability to direct an army through the speakers of a small stereo. With his positive dictatorship he has the ability to encourage creative movement and amaze a crowd.

Hip-Hop is a socially active form of music, simply defined it is rhythmical story telling to a beat. Hip-Hop is a form of art that is raw real and exclusive. It is identified as a culture created to reflect the lives of the minorities, and used as form to escape life’s difficulties and creates and atmosphere that allows us to forget our hardships and rejoice. There are several different styles of Hip-Hop. All genres consist of four very essential elements the Emcee, DJ, Art, and Dancing. It has become an epidemic that combines ethnicity, art, politics, fashion, technology and urban life. Although there are a wide varieties of styles in Hip-Hop there are also levels. People evolve into Hip-Hop they grow with intellect and are predisposed through inspiration. A person can be easily misdirected and or negatively influenced by music. Commercialized music and the Entertainment industry can cause a conflicted definition of real music. It is time that Hip-Hop artists and entertainers as a whole influence music that encourages the good in people and that encourages people to want to do good. William Woods known as Tree Woodz an artist from Robbins Illinois has accomplished this. With his revolutionary music he thrives to inspire the people through his culturally educated perceptions. His lyrics are powerful and relate to common situations without glorifying them. In a inspirational song “We Can Win” he states , "people pick up a book eliminate ignorance, and before you pick up a gun come up with a plan and believe in your cause”. Essentially this is the type of music the world needs.

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SYM Artist Profile #11 *** 2MEX ***


2Mex of the Songodsuns and Visionaries is earning the title of The Hardest Working Man in Underground Hip-Hop. Hailing from Mid-City, this Los Angeles underground veteran began building his name at the famed original Good Life Cafe in Lemiert Park as one half of the duo OMD (Of Mexican Descent with partner Xololxinxco), and is a member of the Project Blowdian Afterlife crew. Touring the world with his group, Visionaries, 2Mex is becoming a favorite amongst audiences across the globe. He has released 2 Visionaries albums, "Galleries" and "Sophomore Jinx" on Up Above Records, an album with OMD "Exitos Y Mas Exitos" (Nerve Deafness Records), his solo effort "B-Boys in Occupied Mexico" (MEMO Records), and the "Mind Clouders Fake It Until You Make It" project with producer Mums the Word. 2Mex's guest appearances are too many to name. Through his hard work and dedication, he has proven to be a true emcee that has touched our hip hop community. 2Mex released his long awaited Songodsuns album entitled, "Over the Counter Culture," in 2005.

My name is 2Mex I'm not afraid of the cops I
just live, check to check and I stay hip hop
I got a brand new cd that I know you don't got
I got my own fat section at the mom and pops
And I'm the
Reason that your little brothers not a gangster
I'd like to take a little bit of time to just thank you
for buying imitations to weak toys
you've spawned a new nation of b-boys
the bling bling stuff was a mirage
I got your sister doing head spins in the garage
and you can pass the XO pass the Hennessey
Pass me the X-Clan and Public Enemy
The straight best from the underground west
You should buy a kid a book and not a bullet proof
Vest so if you're wondering why you should even try
All eyez are on me but I'm not ready to die

So when you feel down like you don't belong
And you actually care about lyrics in a song
I got this brand new drug
And it's the bomb
Its called run back home and hug your mom

And the chow shall feed them
And the chow shall feed them
The return of Fernandomania

My name is 2Mex and I'm proud to be brown
In L.A. I got a ghetto pass I'm allowed to be down
I'm a walk into your town like a bum or a clown
As soon as I open my mouth you hear the lyrics sound
I'm a miracle elephant it' s not a miracle (?)
West coast underground hip-hop is relevant
So go ahead and dissolve in the illusion
I know this song won' t solve the resolution
You might catch me in an Escalade
But I don't make hip hop to have sex and get paid

The City of Angel’s own 2mex came through Reno back in August and sat down with Reno Passport for a few minutes to talk about developing music scenes. “I’ve been coming out here since 2000,” 2mex said. Living his teen years in an early-1990s LA, 2mex grew up on the coattail of the West Coast conscious hip-hop movement. “I was like 17, 18 when all that was hitting,” 2mex said. Los Angeles groups like The Pharcyde, Jurassic 5, and Freestyle Fellowship were continuing the movement started by A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul on the East Coast a few years earlier.
It’s kind of like kids in Reno nowadays watching their favorite local bands rap, and then going home and rapping in the mirror. “The way we do it, we’re in it for life,” 2mex said.
2mex has played half-a-dozen shows in Reno, from an outdoor show in Sun Valley legal graffiti wall to, most recently, downtown Reno’s The Underground. “We pretty much play any show that anyone hits us up. We play in back yards … we play in big venues.”

By Daniel Riggs

SYM Artist Profile #10 *** METAPHYSICAL ***


Metaphysical has been on the Reno hip-hop scene since 1993. As one of the most versatile rappers in Reno, and a seasoned Burning Man attendee, Metaphysical and a large collective of musicians formed a group called “Tripknight,” and they recorded an album, “The American Dream” based on their Burning Man experiences.

Metaphysical took some time to talk with Reno Passport about the new album and Reno’s hip-hop scene. We printed a condensed version of this interview in November’s issue. Below is the entire interview.

You’ve been rapping with Element for 15 years now. How have you seen the Reno hip-hop scene grow in that time? How have you seen your crew, and yourself, grow?

The Reno Hip-Hop scene has grown in the last 15 years in almost every possible way. Back in 1993 the only radio station that remotely played anything pop, let alone hip-hop was Wild Bill Cody on 97.3…

…We started the first “Pirate” radio station in 1998 (using downloaded music) 89.1 FM, and broadcasted everything from Underground Hip-Hop to West Coast/East Coast Gangsta Rap, all the way to High-Energy House, Trance, & Drum ‘n Bass.

The people loved it so much, that within a year, someone else started 93.7 FM (they called it WILD 93.7), which I believe eventually became 102.9 FM, to satisfy the growing thirst for Hip-Hop in Northern Nevada.

Now in 2008, you have shows like the Bombshelter (which has been on-air since 1998), which play a type of underground hip-hop that could never be found before, unless you had tapes, CDs or vinyl.

As far as we go as a crew, we joined Digital Underground in 1996, and ended up touring all over the country, and as far as Australia. Getting out of Reno alone usually helps people grow in ways that can never be achieved staying here. I believe it made us one of the most well-rounded and versatile groups in Reno. In a town that almost prides itself with a segregated hip-hop scene, we were able to bridge the gap, and were able to gain notoriety from both sides of the tracks.

When was your first time at Burning Man? How many times have you been since?

My first Burning Man was 1999. I have been every year since except 2001.

What about Burning Man appeals to you?

It was the “FREEDOM” that people had, to be or do whatever they could create or come up with. It had a sort of Garden of Eden meets the first settlement on Mars type feel. I had never been to a party let alone a place like that before. It was so international. I went to my first REAL Trance Party with six of the most beautiful girls from Israel, they introduced me to Israeli Trance, and what they called “layers” in the music.

I can’t lie, the beautiful women half and fully naked running around definitely was a large part of the draw, but as the years went on, I grew to appreciate the Love, the Art, and the spirit of people as much as the sexuality.

I understand that you are the only major hip-hop presence at Burning Man. How does your music fit into the whole festival?

Well, our official Burning Man Theme Camp is called, FREESTYLE PALACE. This year we were located at 9:00 & the Esplanade. I can’t say we are the only hip-hop presence at Burning Man, because I noticed a little bit more hip-hop on the playa in the last few years, at least DJ wise. I believe we are one of the few, if not the only, camps that perform live hip-hop.

We also pride ourselves on involving the Burning Man community in our music, whereas they don’t just have to listen, they can join in, hence the name FREESTYLE PALACE.

Anyone can come up and recite original or off the top of the head pieces, sometimes over whatever music happens to be playing, sometimes a’capella. We had a dome this year with drums, guitars, and keyboards, even a cot! Random people would come in and just start playing the drums, or guitars, and pick up where the last person left off. It gives people, especially musicians & vocalists a chance to get involved, and to someone who loves to perform, those can be the type of moments that make your whole experience!

Tell us a bit about the new Trip Knight album.

Tripknight is a musical collective consisting of members from all different areas. From Reno you have myself, Dove, Tampa, Danny Spade, Platina, DJ Femur, Hotsteez, Juzown, Dialect, and have even had musical contributions from other Reno acts such as Who Cares and Dorm Room Music.

From the San Fran Bay area you have Adisa, L. Cooper, Daddy, Kate, Artie, Kelly, Vanessa, Tasha, Amy, John, Matt. The list goes on and on….

I camped next to Adisa McKenzie and L. Cooper about 5 years ago. We were all into music, but couldn’t find any stages that would allow us to play, especially because we had a weird blend of hip-hop and Folk/Bluesish type music.

So we decided to make a band out of random, and loner musicians that we could find anywhere. I mean we had everything from transvestite guitar players to pirate drummers. People from all different types of musical backgrounds, and then we would go hella deep to the places that had mics and speakers, and just by the size of our groups, we would get in. The first to accept us was a bar called “Whiskey n’ Whores”, we also did “Tai Chi & Chai Tea” that year. Our most famous performance became a widely viewed Youtube clip. If you search under Kristin at Burning Man, you will see our Center Camp performance, where a lovely young lady by the name of Kristin strip/hip-hop/Broadway dances to our music. The performance drew in people from all around the playa, and it ended up becoming a cracking party, in center camp of all places! This year we played at the Boho Crush camp, and several art cars.

So basically the Tripknight album is similar to the Tripknight group. It consists of music from all the various people involved, mixing everything from hip-hop to trippy ballads, even a little bit of what I call “LightHouse”, high energy house with hip-hop soul…

The album will be available shortly for free Download at Tripknight. com & myspace. com/tripknight

Since then we have played the 2007 and 2008 San Francisco Decompression as well as the 2008 Reno Decompression.
We have also played events like both the 2007 and 2008 Bay to Breakers race, and the 2008 Maker’s Faire.

Daddy aka David Levinstein started a group called “Lawyers for Burners” (lawyersforburners. com) after he was unjustly given a ticket for a marijuana bong that was left close to his camp that didn’t belong to him. Instead of paying the $500 ticket, he fought it in Federal court, and the fine was reduced to a $30 littering ticket.
After hearing more and more incidents occurring involving aggressive police ticketing, Daddy got together a bunch of lawyers and they began fighting people’s cases in Federal Court. This angered the Powers that be because normally people would just pay these huge tickets, and never would question authority. I’m not talking major drug ring cases, but one lady was a 65-year-old retired woman who got a ticket after standing in a crowd of people where the police thought they smelled pot. It’s all about that DOLLA DOLLA BILL YALL!

The songs on the album talk about these stories, everything from fighting oppression, to just learning how to love each other.

What should burners who might not have been exposed to hip-hop need to know about your music, and hip-hop in general?

Our music is bigger then a genre, or a category. I represent Black Rock City, and Reno, the way other rappers represent LA or New York. Just like anything else at Burning Man, you must keep an open mind and a welcoming heart in order to truly understand the Real Burning Man Experience.

Give of yourself in the Day, Dance in the night;
and somewhere between, you’ll see the LIGHT!
Peace and love

Links to groups and musicians Metaphysical is involved with:


Story by Danny Riggs


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SYM Artist Profile #9 *** KIDZ IN THE HALL ***


In the mid2000s, alternative hiphop duo Kidz in the Hall became the new face for the revamped Rawkus Records, the underground rap powerhouse responsible for introducing groundbreaking acts like Mos Def and Talib Kweli before its operations were temporarily closed in 2004. Naledge's intelligence, imagery, and lyricism combined with the progressive and often jazzinflected sounds of DJ/producer DoubleO easily recall the early ‘90s aesthetic of hiphop groups such as Pete Rock C.L. Smooth, Gang Starr, or Souls of Mischief. A native of Chicago, Naledge (b. Jabari Evans) was always the creative and lyrical type of guy, writing poetry and short stories since he was 13, but the New Jerseybred DoubleO (b. Michael Aguilar) always had been a techie, first DJing in the ninth grade and then composing beats in college. They first met each other at their alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania. After witnessing Naledge's rhyme skills at a talent show during his recruiter's visit, impressed audience members pointed him towards the talented DJ. Over the years, the two Ivy Leaguers worked together and became good friends. Once Naledge graduated, he again hooked up with DoubleO, who had relocated to Los Angeles as an engineer for Sony Studios, and decided to form professionally as Kidz in the Hall. Naledge was already signed as a solo act to the reborn Rawkus and simply brought the Kidz in the Hall duo over to the label. The amount of (mostly Internet) press coverage greatly increased after prolific producer Just Blaze, a fellow techie, friend, and mentor of DoubleO, cosigned the group's efforts. Naledge and DoubleO heavily promoted themselves through the Internet and released several mixtapes.

The sons of the Golden Era of Hip Hop now take the reigns at the forefront of the next great Hip Hop dynasty. Call 'em elitests, call 'em smart asses or arrogant, but they are definitely one thing for certain, DOPE.

Co-signed by Just Blaze, 3H (50 cent, Kanye West), Matty C (Originator of Unsigned Hype) the Kidz music speaks volumes. It is no more evident than on there already critically acclaimed debut "School Was My Hustle" and follow up "The In Crowd".

In high school I was most talkative
Now I'm most decadent
Flow heaven sent
Laced intelligent
Your's irrelevant
Hot like fire cooler then peppermint
Still benevolent
Rose gold necklace
You was left negligent
Case closed, no settlement or arraignment
Spit for my sanity not for entertainment
Never on some lame shit
Lean to the left y'all on the same shit
Imitate the same hit
You think that's dope I say hardly
Don't listen to radio singled out like McCarthy
Trying to be the black McCartney
Got a degree so they call me artsy
But I'm just as vein as the next man
Lacrosse shirt way spinning like a jet fan
Difference is I keep it in perspective
Jesus ain't die for me to drive in a Lexus
He died for me to change the world
I ain't tripping off money and girls
I'm just tripping all around the world

I rather feel pain then feel nothing at all
But I'ma ride it out till the wheels fall off
Only way to lose it to fail to try
But I'ma hold it down till the day I die

Skill tone sinker
Flow taste is choice
You can hear my ancestors when I open my voice
You can hear my hunger with the words that I write
And my eyes is a reflection of the streets of the Chi
Piece of the pie I've been trying to get it
Make my own bed so I guess I got to lie in it
Whether I see a deal, don't waste my time wit' it
Leroy glow shines every time I spit it
No it's not a gimmick
You can still catch me in the avenue pushing in my baby girls Civic
Nah them ain't 20 them tens
N@##% need ends even if I rap about a Benz
I'm just conveying wishful thinking
We in the same boat but I can swim if it sinking
Self starter a go getter I flow better
Waiting for a fall off
C'mon y'all niggaz know better

I rather feel pain then feel nothing at all
But I'ma ride it out till the wheels fall off
Only way to lose it to fail to try
But I'ma hold it down till the day I die

What goes around comes around
And leaves again
Sorta like leaves in the wind
But we finna win
So everyday I try, strive, to get my piece of the pie

SYM Artist Profile #8 *** DUMPERFOO *** live art


DUMPERFOO is a community leader in the Arizona Hip Hop, Art, and Social scene. Having been involved in promotions in Arizona since 1990, beginning at the Grind Night Club. Dumper began as an after-hours DJ and Mural artist there. In the early 90's Dumper teamed up with Disgo and began throwing the infamous Wife Beater parties, the official Pimp & Ho Balls, Move, and Mad Tuesdays, which featured Dumperfoo and Jim Mahfood as the leaders of the live art movement in AZ. For a few years Dumper did freelance graphics and logo work for such artists Vanilla Ice, Sugar Ray, Everlast, The Headquarters, Zulu Nation, Hip Step Massive, XIS, and many more from punk rock to hip hop.

Concentrating on his graphic and live painting Dumper hit the Music circuit hard performing and promoting at numerous events from Raves to Concerts in the mid to late 90's. In the early 00's Dumper moved to San Diego and worked doing graphic design for an engineering firm, where he detailed his skills and business knowledge. While in SD, Dumper collaborated with DEEP, San Diego's premier Drum and Bass spot, where he did CD graphics for such artists as Dj Tee Bee from Norway, Flyer graphics, and street promotions. In 2001 Dumper moved back to Arizona to open and work at Wet Paint Art Supply and Gallery, with local artist Mosha. For the last 5 plus years Dumper has been the Buyer for Graff supplies and vinyl, coordinated Final Friday B-Side gallery events, and rocked hundreds of flyers and pieces for the store.

In 2002 Dumper teamed up with Keith Nichols, Emerg McVay, Hyder, Catalyst and friends to start his new venture, The Blunt Club. For the past 5 years the Blunt Club has been Arizona's Hip Hop church, hosting nearly every local live painter, poet, mc, dj, fashion designer, and beyond, supporting the artistic community in a multidimensional format. On top of that, The Blunt Club brings National and International headliners weekly, showing the world that Arizona has a strong collective scene. The Blunt Club has since been named one of the top "101 hot spots in the U.S" by Spin magazine, as well as AZ's "Best Hip Hop Night 2003-2006" by Phoenix New Times and 944 magazine.

In 2003 Dumper founded with Baron Gordon, the Alpha Monster Art Collective, consisting of over 20 members globally. The collective's goals are to advance each artist, business wise and ethically, give back to the community, donating time to educate youth at Greenway Middle School in Glendale, AZ and working with numerous charities. Currently Dumper and the Alpha Monster's perform every first Thursday at SMOCA "Scottsdale Museum Of Contemporary Arts" , every final Friday at The Lick, First Friday's downtown, and many more venues in and outta the state of Arizona. In 2003 Dumper joined forces becoming a resident artist with the So Cal collective, the Abstract Workshop and Circa Skateboards. In 2005, Dumperfoo has since become a resident artist traveling out to paint live once a month at Cocoe's major events.

Also in 2003 Dumper officially joined the Hip Hop Band, The Drunken Immortals, performing live art on stage during their shows. Dumper and Drunken have toured internationally including, France, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, England, and Coast to Coast in the U.S. Recently Dumper joined the Pacific Art Collective, and doing gallery shows from San Jose, to Seattle, back to L.A. You can catch Dumper live every Thursday at The Blunt Club in Mesa, AZ or you might just see his paintings hanging in a studio or home near you. You can also check him out at

He's painted onstage/or on tour with

FESTIVALS : ROCK THE BELLS (San Bernadino CA. & Concord CA, UM Booth) SCRIBBLE JAM (Um Booth) COMIC CON (San Diego)

Affiliations : Live Artist for band Drunken Immortals, The Insects, Crusher Sound System. Im also a member of Universatile Music , Abstract Workshop (CA,HI,AZ) I paint at Abstract Workshop @ The Detroit Bar (Costa Mesa CA.) every third Saturday and occasional one off special events. Wet Paint Gallery, Circa, P.A.C. , Alpha Monster, Furious Styles Crew (on the 14th Year as a crew) cheers to their hard work!!

Artist collectives: Alpha Monster Collective (30 members US) & Pacific Arts Collective (500 members worldwide)

sponsored by: Circa Streetwear, UM, Haven Apparel, Abstract Workshop.

Promoter/Originator:, Blunt Club (5yrs. and growing Voted New Times Best 2004-2006) (Spin Magazine Top 101 WILDEST PARTIES in USA June issue 2006)(944 Magazine "Best Live Hip Hop Joint " Platinum Awards" 2006), Return Of The Flavor Shop, Pussy Galore, Mad Tuesdays, Final Fridays B-Side Gallery Shows at Wet Paint (Voted New Times best 2004-2006), Wake Up Call Wednesdays, The Lick First Fridays. The Grind 91-94 Party Gardens 95-96,Atomic Cafe 99-02, Disgo & Dumps Presents , Pimp & Ho & Many More.